Dust and spillage, around any part of a conveyor, is no longer acceptable.  Therefore, selecting a reliable and efficient skirting clamp needs to address the following criteria:

1. The clamping system needs to be tough enough to withstand potential adjustment abuse.

2. It should be universal in its application to accept a variety of skirting products and configurations.  If a clamp is only suited to a single type/brand of skirting, the investment won’t provide sufficient ROI if it then needs to be changed out for a different skirting product.

3. The system must be able to fit into tight and restricted locations whilst remaining serviceable.

Brochures for the K-Lock Wedge Skirting Clamp and K-Quick Clamp Skirting System have been updated to include installation drawings so that BETTER decisions can be made to determine which skirting clamp system would suit your conveyor system.

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