This week our supply partner Medetec visited our Braeside offices from Sweden to update our team of sales engineers on the technical aspects of their range of metal detector products.

Installing a metal detector on a conveyor belt system will protect downstream machinery from damage caused by tramp iron on the conveyor.  They are easy to install and are designed to be robust as well as easy to operate and calibrate.  Typically they consist of a control unit, a search coil and connecting cable.

The training focussed on the technology involved in the control unit and how Medetec’s metal detector products provide accurate feedback and the precise location of tramp iron to the control system operators.  The controllers utilise this technology to measure tramp size levels so that the foreign materials can be removed efficiently without creating costly production downtime.

The metal detector apparatus becomes an insurance against accidents, reducing the likelihood of damage to the processing equipment such as crushers, hammer mills and impactors, but also has the potential to increase the extraction by preventing the scaring and grooving of the conveyor belt that can occur when large pieces of tramp iron might go through.

Small tramp metal – including nuts, bolts, screws etc and even items as small as stationery staples can be identified by the highly sensitive detection equipment.

Kinder & Co has been the exclusive supplier of this equipment since we were introduced to the Swedish company over 3 years ago.  Medetec metal detector products are recognised globally with customers in Brazil, Mexico, China, Spain, Indonesia, and Germany as an example of just a few, in sawmills, woodworking industries, mines, quarries and other process industries, as well as paper and waste paper recycling industries.

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