The K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal System is proving to be one of our most popular conveyor skirting products for 2013.  We have seen it effectively in use at coal operations, quarries, grain plants and woodchip processing sites in every state Australia-wide.

Customer feedback continues to come in on how the K-Snap Loc has exceeded expectations in terms of the immediate reduction in spillage levels, as well as time and cost savings in maintenance.

The inherent memory set of the engineered polyurethane means that the skirting needs considerably less adjustment to meet the conveyor belt, and its low friction properties not only avoids any belt damage but because there is no drag, the conveyor works more energy efficiently.

The time savings in maintenance is one of the most positive improvements in the overall management of the conveyor system.  On a daily basis the K-Snap-Loc requires less time to clean from material build up, but also because it lasts 8-10 times longer than rubber, less scheduled maintenance is required to re-install replacement skirting.

A happy customer let us take this photo last week, at their woodchip plant.  It clearly shows how well the K-Snap-Loc contains the woodchip which is their processed material, but also the dust particles too which are used as valuable fuel for the plant.

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