The installation of safety guards ensures that your workers are protected and that your site is compliant with AS1755-2000 (Australian Standard for Conveyor Safety Requirements).  But little consideration is given to ongoing guard maintenance, and making it a user friendly routine, and not being a complicated maintenance health hazard in itself.

We suggest that an effective maintenance equipment maintenance program would check:
– Is the guarding properly installed and are all fasteners secure?
– Are the guards in good working condition or should some be replaced?

– Is the guard free of corrosion? Replacing worn or corroded parts as needed will extend the life of the guard.
– Is the paint on the guard faded or worn? If it is, it might be due for a fresh coat of paint.

Safety guarding can be a significant investment.  Encompassing the guarding in your preventative maintenance program will ensure both ongoing worker safety and ensure your safety compliance.

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