With Kinder & Co’s fleet of demo trailers, it takes the hassle out of trying to schedule valuable production downtime, as well as find classroom space to train your maintenance and engineering team on tips for improving your conveyor’s performance.

We simply drive up, back it up, and lift the bonnet up for a hands-on practical training lesson.  The Kinder & Co demo trailer is fully equipped with all the latest product improvements, from skirting and transfer to conveyor rollers and belt support, as well as belt cleaners and safety equipment.  Our highly qualified mechanical engineers can then customise the demonstration to suit your particular application and environment – as seen here earlier this week when several of our sales engineers went out on the job to a very hot and dusty South Australia.


Kinder & Co’s training is entirely complimentary.  A conveyor’s optimum performance is only achievable with the best know-how and product information.  So please take the time to consider if your conveyor’s performance could be improved with some friendly, knowledgeable and zero cost advice.

Click through to our Training Page for more information.  If you have a specific product enquiry, you can always contact one of our Sales Engineers on 03 9587 9244 or email [email protected] for a copy of our complete Conveyor and Bulk Materials Handling Product Guide.

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For more information on your specific requirements, contact Kinder Australia on +61 38587 9111 or email Kinder