The Townsville suburb of Bohle has been the home of Kinder & Co’s distribution partner Britrac for over 12 years.  Britrac was conceived by managing director Brian Steele, based on his background as a mechanical fitter and turner with experience in belt splicing.

“It was an easy transition when I started Britrac because through my hands-on experience I had absolute confidence in all of the conveyor products we stocked.  Then I just surrounded myself with people who had the same customer service philosophy as I do, which is to help customers make the right decision when buying their conveyor products.  Working with the team at Kinder & Co is a perfect match for us because they share these same values.  They are also family owned like us, so we can be flexible and make decisions quickly,” said Brian.

Brian continues, “Working in Townsville is bit like working in a cocoon.  Keeping it local means that you develop honest and fair working relationships.  Your neighbour is also your customer.  In the last 5 years, the internet has been one of the biggest changes Britrac has experienced because now the world is our marketplace and customers are able to source their products internationally, especially with the reduction in shipping and freight charges.  Interestingly our business has grown as a result and I believe that our business is more competitive as a result.”

As Kinder & Co’s primary Queensland distribution partner for all of our Kinder K branded conveyor products, Britrac’s business also extends to providing a 24 hour breakdown service.

If your conveyor enquiry is based in Queensland, please contact Britrac here.  Alternatively call one of our sales engineers on 03 9587 9244 or email them on [email protected] to help provide you with a specific bulk materials handling solution.

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