The K-MotorShield Motor Covers not only protect your valuable electric motors by keeping them clear of dust emissions and materials spillage but they also improve safety by minimizing any potential overheating risks that the build-up on the motors would cause.

We have 2 new case studies for you to read describing how the installation of Kinder & Co’s K-MotorShield Motor Covers have improved worker safety and reduced maintenance stoppages.

The first customer case study is for the Maryvale Mill in Victoria’s Traralgon, where more than 500,000 tonnes of paper is produced each year.  The second customer case study for the Boyer pulp mill in Tasmania, dates back to 2010 when our customer first trialled the K-MotorShield Motor Covers.

Visit our product pages and refer to our presentation on the lightweight fibreglass K-MotorShield Motor Covers and understand how your electric motors can work more efficiently.

Not exclusive to the pulp and paper industry, the K-MotorShield Motor Covers are also used extensively in mines and minerals processing.  Contact one of our sales engineers today to discuss your requirements on 03 9587 9244 or email [email protected].

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