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Product News – New Brochures Available:

It doesn’t take long for skills and knowledge to become outdated in a fast changing world.  We must constantly retool ourselves and become perpetual students.  This belief is one of Kinder & Co’s company values.

This is why we update our product brochures regularly, to share these improvements with our customers.

Download the 2 new brochures for our maintenance free solutions to conveyor belt cleaning:

  1. The K-Spiral Cleaning Roller – a roller that simply moves off any sticky carry back material using highly wear resistant polyurethane spirals, or
  2. The K-Shaker Vibrating Roller – that shakes off carry-back through resilient polyurethane discs clamped on to a standard return roller.

Call one of our Sales Engineers today on 03 9587 9244 or email us so that we can contact you to discuss the suitability of these products for your specific application needs – and prevent any further costly belt damage by miss-tracking caused by build up on return rollers.

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For more information on your specific requirements, contact Kinder Australia on +61 38587 9111 or email Kinder