Newly redesigned steel and tungsten Eraser DS and XTC systems are now available.   Designed for use in high-temperature applications, these new products completely eliminate the urethane holder on the blade, and a solid piece of steel now holds the tungsten in place.
The many features of this all steel and tungsten blade system are as follows:

  • The new all steel with tungsten blade is perfect for cleaning in high heat applications or any application where all residue and carryback must be eliminated from the conveyor belt.
  • Field-tested and proven effective in asphalt plant applications, this cleaner can now be used with up to 400°F/204°C material on the conveyor.  It is excellent for transporting high-temperature bulk materials such as asphalt, clinker/high-temperature ash, and material processed using aggregate dryers.
  • The all steel with tungsten blade cleaner is easy to install and allows for fast, efficient blade change out, thereby reducing downtime.
  • The tungsten cleaning blade is bolted to an all-steel mainframe for strength and durability.
  • It comes with a plastic shield to further dispose of carryback and remove final residue.
  • The redesigned steel/tungsten blade is available on either the Eraser DS or the heavy-duty XTC belt cleaners.
  • The DS cleaner is available for belt widths from 18″ (450mm) to 72″ (1825mm) and the XTC for belt widths up to 96″ (2438mm).

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