Introducing the new K-Wash Down Roller to Kinder & Co’s belt conveyor product range.

The K-Wash Down Roller is a cutting edge roller product in that it incorporates a polyurethane disc, providing 2 major benefits:



  • It acts as a deflection shield against direct moisture pressure
  • It offers antilock technology to the roller, reducing or eliminating roller seizure

Water and moisture contamination is a common problem associated with the premature failure of conveyor rollers.  Its common practice to apply high pressure wash down water to conveyor rollers, but field experience indicates that this can actually reduce the life of the rollers by up to a staggering 90% compared to dry applications.

By incorporating Kinder & Co’s new K-Wash Down Roller to your bulk materials handling process, this special purpose conveyor roller has been exclusively designed for high moisture, wash down and slurry applications.

Kinder & Co’s new brochure is now available on the website for you to download or forward to a colleague, together with the K-Wash Down Roller’s image gallery and worksheet.

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