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Fully enclosed: All Kinder Australia vibrator housings are totally enclosed and are suited for use in dusty environments.  Kinder Australia’s bulk materials handling vibrators meet the requirements of the IP6, International Protection Standards.

Wide selection:

Vibrators in 2 to 8 pole are available in 100 models including 50 standard models, permitting wide applications.

Antivibration construction:

Antivibration devices developed exclusively for use in our vibrators – such as ductile iron casting for the bracket, special compound for the terminal box, and Antivibration cable for the cable – have been applied to ensure long service life.

Long service life, easy maintenance:

Even though the bearings are subjected to severe impacts, URAS vibrators provide a long service life if operated and lubricated properly – more than 5,000 hours for 2-pole models and 10,000 hours for 4- and above models. Moreover, the smaller capacity models are closed type so eliminating the need of lubrication. In medium and large capacity models the periodical lubrication can be carried out from outside.

Powerful vibration: 

Large-capacity machines use roller bearing which are highly resistant to vibration. Moreover, medium-capacity models have adopted a plastic retainer having superior Antivibration characteristics. Hence, powerful vibrations are generated. Reduced weight, free installation direction. When modified exclusively for 60Hz district a reduction of 20% in weight can be expected in large-capacity models. The adoption of new Antivibration bearings facilitates installation of all models.

Easy adjustment of forces:

Vibratory force can be set easily and steplessly by adjusting the unbalanced weights.

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