Product: Secondary Belt Cleaner

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Developed by Tecnipak, this secondary straight belt cleaner is placed right after the primary cleaner, underneath the head pulley, and is designed to clean fine particles off the conveyor belt. It is supported by pneumatic tensioners that work alongside the most durable cleaning blade. Additionally, for conveyor belts particularly long and fast, we’ve also developed a secondary parabolic belt cleaner that allows for focused cleaning performance.

  • Safe for the conveyor belt.  The one-piece cleaning blade avoids debris getting trapped, and its surface acquires a mirror-finish quality.
  • Unique wear parts. Tungsten carbide with great hardness and toughness, of our own formulation, working with a black ceramic backing.  This combination delivers exceptional and long-lasting cleaning performance.
  • High performance cleaners. In partnership with Tecnipak, the secondary cleaner frames are manufactured in 2½’’, 3½’’, and 4’’ pipe.
  • Pneumatic tensioners. The tensioners share the same pneumatic circuit so they are self-compensating (if one side is more demanded, the opposite side adjusts automatically to compensate).  The cleaner’s adjustment is simple and because it can be narrowed down to a pressure reading, it is precise, reliable, recordable, and repeatable.
  • Remote adjustment. The remote adjustment box can be installed in a safe place, away from the hazard zone, which allows the belt cleaner to be adjusted while the belt is running.


  • Belt speeds up to 7,5 m/s (1.450 formulation, working with a black ceramic backing.
  • Belt widths from 600 mm up to 3.150 mm (24’’ up to 124’’)
  • Pulley diameters from 400 mm up to 1.800 mm and above (16’’ up to 72’’+)

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