Product: Secondary Belt Cleaner ML

The ML-type secondary segmented belt cleaner is a specialty scraper that is used when the available space under the discharge pulley is very tight. Like any other secondary scraper, the ML scraper targets the fine particles that might be stuck to the belt after the primary cleaner. It is supported by pneumatic tensioners, made of stainless steel and the cleaning blade is made up of several segments that work together.
An important feature of this equipment is that it supports being installed directly against the pulley, unlike other secondary scrapers where this is not recommended. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the cleaning blade is made up of multiple segments, each of which has a polyurethane housing in order to accommodate imperfections or specific deviations of the conveyor belt without compromising the safety of it.

Confined spaces. The reduced profile of the belt cleaner allows its installation in confined spaces, where other equipment do not fit.  High durability segmented blades. The segments work independently and accommodate imperfections in the belt, allowing the equipment to be mounted against the pulley. The leading edge in tungsten carbide enhanced by Tecnipak’s formulation offers great hardness and toughness, for excellent cleaning quality.

  • High performance cleaners. The frames of the secondary cleaners are manufactured in 2½’’, 3½’’, and 4’’ pipe, as demanded by the application. They are the extremely robust belt cleaners because they are made from stainless steel, highest performance even in the worst conditions.
  • Pneumatic tensioners. The tensioners share the same pneumatic circuit so they are self-compensating (if one side is more demanded, the opposite side adjusts automatically to compensate). The cleaner’s adjustment is simple and because it can be narrowed down to a pressure reading, it is precise, reliable, recordable, and repeatable.


  • Belt Speeds up to 6,5 m/s (1.450 fpm)
  • Belt widths from 600mm up to 3.150 mm (24’’ up to 124’’)
  • Pulley diameters from 400 mm up to 1.800 mm and above (16’’ up to 72’’+)

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