K-AllShelter® Capotex Conveyor Belt Covers

Conveyor belts exposed to harsh and unpredictable weather conditions like sun, water and wind can cause issues of material run back and damaging material spillage, which can ultimately deteriorate your operational bottom line.

Concrete Batching

Maintaining and controlling the moisture level of conveyed bulk materials is a key consideration in concrete batch plants and is imperative to ensuring a consistent, high quality final product.

Quarrying Operations

Quarrying operations rely heavily on a dry product throughout the crushing and screening process.  Excessive moisture can also lead to screen blinding and clogging issues, blockages and hang ups can quickly occur within chutes resulting in costly production down-time and maintenance issues.

K-AllShelter® Capotex Conveyor Belt Covers provides robust and durable protection from extreme environmental elements and helps to control moisture levels of conveyed materials.

Capotex Conveyor Belt Covers offers an effective, safe and economical solution to personal hazard prevention from moving parts and conveyed material.

These covers can also provide a barrier, aiding airborne dust reduction as well as personnel and environment protection.

Capotex Conveyor Belt Covers are manufactured using a wide range of optional materials and engineered to shed water giving you years of rust free service and can be custom made to suit all belt widths and models.

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