K-Commander® Self Centring Idler

The perfect materials handling operation consists of an engineered conveyor belt that has been properly designed, constructed, erected and maintained. This ideal scenario ensures a conveyor belt that runs true without concern for belt misalignment and other potential safety hazards.

Conveyor Belt Mistracking is a silent killer of productivity and the root cause of most conveyor problems on site. If left neglected, over time belt misalignment will slowly but surely have detrimental impacts such as:

❌   Material spillage
❌   Failures to conveyor components
❌   Conveyor structural damage
❌   Reduced conveyor belt life
… and the associated safety and cleaning up costs of the above!

The fundamentals of solving ALL conveyor problems on site relies primarily on correct conveyor belt tracking.
The rules of correct conveyor belt tracking are simple and rely on “true” (centre) and “level” (side to side) material flow. Belt tensioning and cleanliness are also essential factors in achieving correct conveyor belt tracking.

Kinder has a comprehensive range of conveyor belt tracking solutions available. With our extensive knowledge we can work to identify your needs and utilise correct techniques to prevent mistracking belts before they lead to productivity stoppages.

The installation of the K-Commander® Control Series is only for the return side, being the most critical surface of the belt in order to maintain belt alignment. The unique engineered action of the central ball and socket link is encased in a rubber covered steel tube. This protects the internal mechanics and ensures that the belt runs true.

To see it in action, watch this video.

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