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Where do great ideas come from?  Some of us get inspiration from what we see, what we hear, who we talk to.  But above all, the brightest light bulb moments are a result of solutions to problems!

Today is a special occasion for one of our staff members, Ainsley celebrates 1 year of dedicated service at Kinder within our warehouse department.  “Where is that &@*$# nail gun, when you need it??”, our trusty storeman Ainsley identified the daily challenge and frustrations of the warehouse team trying to locate the right tool for specific warehouse functions at the right time….

Well thanks to Ainsley “handy man skills” and initiative, he seized the opportunity to develop 5 ‘handy tools board’, each one colour coded and positioned between warehouse racking.  These highly visible boards hold most of the vital tools (i.e hammer, measuring tape, safety glasses, tape gun etc), easily accessible and used by warehouse staff throughout the day.  “All the tools are neatly organised in its dedicated spot on the tools board and within arms-reach, every warehouse needs a system like this one”, boosts Ainsley.

For Ainsley, Kinder’s very own handy man, there is excitement and a great “I DID IT” feeling and sense of accomplishment – the follow-through in turning a simple idea into reality.

Well thought out and executed, final outcomes all worthy of mention and recognition, WELL DONE Ainsley!

“It’s all about empowering our staff to be innovators, showing initiatives and thinking about better ways of conducting daily business operations with an efficiency and maximum productivity mindset at all times”, says Neil Kinder, CEO.

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