The damage you can’t see: Idle conveyors that have no shelter are more at risk of increased belt damage caused by surface cracking than conveyors that are running.

Motionless exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun can produce a photochemical reaction that promotes the oxidation of the surface of the rubber.  This can have several consequences:

  • surface cracking (which can get caught on belt cleaners and then tear the belt);
  • loss of adhesion properties (making the belt more difficult to repair and re-splice);
  • reduction in mechanical strength (reducing the belt’s working characteristics);
  • alignment and mistracking problems (the rubber warps as moisture seeps into the cracks making tracking problems difficult to pinpoint); and
  • environmental and OHS risks (fine particles penetrate the surface cracks, allowing them to pass through any cleaner system and are then shaken out on the return run of the belt. Build-up of dust can cause roller seizure.  Airborne dust particles create OHS hazards).

Fixed from stringer to stringer, and self-supported, the Kinder Australia’s exclusive Australian distribution of Capotex’s range of Conveyor Belt Covers require no additional support structure, making them a better and more cost effective cover option in comparison to fabric covers.  They are lightweight and easy manoeuvre reducing any potential for physical strain during installation, and also requiring less resources.  Ongoing access from either side of the conveyor is made simple due to their patented Lock/Hinge system.

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