When Kinder & Co first introduced K-Superskirt® Engineered Polyurethane as an alternative skirting product to traditional rubber skirting, seeing the distinctive red colour around the conveyor transfer point symbolised the start of a new way of thinking with regard to the handling of bulk materials.

For nearly 10 years, K-Superskirt® has developed an excellent reputation as being one of the best performing engineered polyurethane skirting products on the market.  In all environments the red low friction and nonporous polyurethane skirting is clearly visible.  To prove its durability K-Superskirt® has been laboratory tested using Taber Abrasion equipment to compare its performance against similar polyurethane skirting products.  The independently assessed results confirm that Kinder & Co’s K-Superskirt® significantly outlasts all of these similar polyurethane skirting products.

It has to be said that our customers have come to associate the colour red with Kinder & Co’s product range.  However, it needs to be understood that as with all polymers, they are a neutral colour. Colour has no engineering significance to a product’s durability.  Kinder & Co does genuinely care about making improvements to the industry, and building long-term relationships with our customers.  Products like K-Superskirt® are carefully chosen to ensure that they deliver on performance.  We choose to put our name on our products and we choose to colour them red as a symbol of our integrity.

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