How To: Measure a Conveyor Roller

Before measuring, place the roller onto a base which stops it from moving.  If it’s in the field, get to a flat floor, put the roller on the floor and against a straight wall, and then put wedges under the roller to stop it from moving.

NOTE: MILLIMETRES MATTER!   Accuracy is important for roller performance

How to Measure Roller Diameter

A = Roller Diameter

Use bottom measurements of roller measurement tool and place on shaft.  Where roller meets both measurements this is the diameter.

How to Measure Roller Face Width (Length)

B = Face length

Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure the distance between the angles or straight edges as shown.

How to Measure Roller Back to Back Distance

C = Back to Back

Measure the end of the face to the start of the slot (place roller ruler on shaft and measure ‘Face to Slot’)

Face length + 2 x Face to slot

How to Measure Roller Total Width (Shaft Overall Length)

D = Overall length

Measure the end of the face to the end of the shaft (place roller ruler on shaft and measure

Face to the end)

Face length + 2 x full length of shaft

How to Measure Roller Shaft Diameter

E = Inside Bearing

Measure using indent of ruler measuring the shaft.

NOTE: Should be in increments of 5

H = Slot Width

Measure the inside of the slot

How to Measure Across Flat Dimensions of the Roller

K = Across Flat

Measure the shaft of the roller with the indent of the ruler.  Typical standard dimensions are 14 & 22

How to Know the Type of the Bearing in the Roller

To determine what type of bearing is used on the roller, the bearing needs to be pulled out. Hit one end face of the shaft with force; the shaft with the bearings and seals will be pushed out from the other side. Once the bearings have been taken out, check to see if the sign of the designation is still on the bearing body; write it down. If the bearing is worn out, use a vernier calliper to measure the bearing’s outer diameter, inner diameter and thickness. Look up the bearing manufacturer’s catalogue to determine the bearing type or contact Kinder Australia for help.

How to Measure Roller Shell Thickness

T = Shell Thickness

The roller shell needs to be cut through to get the readings of the shell’s thickness.

Use a Vernier caliper to measure the shell thickness as shown in the following picture.