Product: V-Plow Belt Cleaners

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Kinder Australia’s V-Plow Belt Cleaners provide constant protection against fugitive materials from entering into tail and take-up pulleys. V-Plow belt cleaners use gravity to maintain constant conveyor belt contact whilst long life polyurethane blades reduce servicing requirements to a minimum.

Keep rocks, fines, clumps and other debris off your conveyor belt and away from your tail pulley with the V-Max Tertiary Belt Cleaning System.
These plows are equipped with engineered urethane side blades together with an angled front nose plow.

With its spring tensioning, the V-Max Tertiary Belt Cleaning System is suitable for extremely dirty environments with heavy vibration. The V-Max clears debris while floating on the belt and will self-adjust as it wears.

Designed with a 6mm thick, 63.5mm x 63.5mm tube stock steel mainframe and anti-seize, urethane-lined stub ends for durability and chatter-free operation.

Key Benefits:
• Equipped with Kryptane® G83 polyurethane blades that are easily replaceable and provide 76mm of wear before needing service.
• Rugged mainframe and heavy duty front nose plow blade.
• Adjustable die spring tensioners to keep the plow on your conveyor belt during heavy vibration.
• V-Max systems 813mm and larger come standard with safety chains and nose tensioner.
• Wear travel limit mounting brackets.
• Weld- or bolt-in installation.

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