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The Sure Grip range of belt clamps are of a unique design. Their main features being the ability to effectively clamp any belt width.

The Sure Grip can apply positive pressure in excess of 7 tonnes directly to the surface of any belt width while having a pulling ability in excess of 10 tonnes and when linked in tandem can exceed 14 tonnes.  With a checker plate finish applied to the gripping faces of the beams together with the screw jacks applying in excess of 6 tonnes, maximum grip is assured.

Bolts, nuts and washers on conventional clamps generally get lost or damaged.  The Sure Grip Clamp is more robust, the bolt is not removable from the clamp, therefore minimises damage and/or loss.

The clamps have been extensively tested on a tensile test bed capable of 200 tonnes line pull.  Test results have proved that a Sure Grip Clamp on a 1m wide 1000kN belt will handle 5 tonnes line pull comfortably while a conventional clamp will start showing slippage with a 2 tonnes line pull.

Engineers’ reports and observations are available upon request.  Safe working loads for the clamps have been calculated from results.

1, 3, 5, 7 tonne clamps available in all belt widths, plus 400mm long beams

1, 3, 5, 7 tonne clamps available in aluminium

5 and 7 tonne clamps available in steel

Optional ratchets available for 7 tonne clamp

Key features:

  • All parts are of high grade steel/aluminium
  • Designed for use in any condition
  • Light weight parts
  • Pulling ability in excess of 10 tonnes
  • Easy to transport and assemble

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