Product: Pneumatic and Liquid Line App – Magnets in the Product Line

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Pneumatic Line Applications

  • Pneumatic Line Housing incorporates a series of Rare Earth tubes on staggered centres. This ensures all product flowing through will make repeated contact with the magnets.  The result is a capture rate of ferrous and weakly magnetic stainless contaminants that far exceeds any other magnetic separator available for this type of application.  Suitable for processing dry, powder, and granular materials.
    – Food Grade Finish Standard
    – Use ahead of processing equipment and bulk load outs to assure product purity and protect machinery from tramp metal damage
  • Bullet® Magnets have a nose cone diverter and magnet assembly that is designed to maintain a balanced flow through the housing, maintaining uniform velocity in line flow.  Ideal for dilute phase systems, typical applications include: processing of powders, flour, chemical, resin, food stuff, pharmaceutical and mineral materials.
  • Exposed Pole Tubes have the magnetic portion built into the body of the housing. Ceramic EP tubes are ideal for capturing large tramp metal such as nails, bolts or screws.  Typical installations include processing of plastics, foods, feed & grain or conveying of products that have a high moisture content that tend to plug or congeal.

Liquid Line T-Traps

Liquid Line T-Traps remove unwanted ferrous and work-hardened stainless contaminants from processing lines.  They capture fine ferrous particles that are
created by wear of upstream processing equipment. T-Traps are typically placed in front of pumps, screens and mills to protect vital plant equipment from costly metal damage and system downtime.

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