Product: K-Wrapper Dewatering Idler

Conveyors frequently accumulate large volumes of water from sources such as underground mining, dust suppression, groundwater or rainfall.  The water can turn the bulk material conveyed into mud causing it to negatively effect discharge control.  Uncontrolled material movement on a conveyor can be a major safety hazard.  It can also cause production downtime, equipment damage, corrosion, maintenance clean up and operational costs.

Excess water on the conveyor belts surfaces can lead to conveyor belt misalignment and even product to slip or spill from the belt itself.

 Key features:

– Efficient belt dewatering system.
– Long lasting polyurethane.
– Belt friendly.
– Available for all belt widths.
– Low tension effecting belt cleaning.
– Suitable for reversing conveyors.
– Suitable for high speed conveyors.

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