Product: K-Vee Return Spiral Cleaning/Tracking Idler

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Maintenance Free Belt Cleaning and Conveyor Mistracking Solution

K-Vee Return Spiral Cleaning and Tracking Idler offers a maintenance and adjustment free solution to conveyor belt cleaning and assists in belt tracking. Similar to the conventional flat K-Spiral Cleaning and Tracking Roller, it has been designed to be interchangeable with existing Steel/RDRT rollers. The resilient and wear resistant polyurethane spirals help to clean off sticky carry back on overland conveyors and assists in centring and tracking the belt.

The offset design frame eliminates build up from fines on the support structure and subsequently reduces roller shell wear of downstream idlers. The K-Vee Return Spiral Cleaning and Tracking Idler consists of two standard vee return rollers fitted with wear resistant polyurethane rings and the vee return offset frame. The spiral is left and right hand configuration and provides a positive effect on belt tracking. Ideally the unit is positioned over the discharge chute, a collection hopper or a stockpile.

The K-Vee Return Spiral Cleaning and Tracking Idler may be employed on any part of the return belt section in the case of short conveyors. The K-Vee Return Spiral Cleaning and Tracking Idler is well suited to the heaviest material load in the mining industry, and other industries utilising wide conveyor belts, where build-up on return rollers causes belt damage and miss-tracking.

Key Benefits:

  • Cleans the carry side of overland conveyors
  • Offset design eliminates build up
  • Reduces roller wear
  • Positive effect on belt tracking
  • Zero maintenance or adjusting required
  • Interchangeable with existing rollers
  • Not effected by mechanical fasteners

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