Product: K-Speedskirt® Hardskirt Plates

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Highest Durability Composite Hardskirt Plates

(Tungsten Carbide / Silicon Carbide / Chrome Carbide).

Composite Hardskirt plates are often overlooked and yet they are a critical component of high-capacity bulk transport systems. Despite the three-fold increase in conveying speeds and capacities over the past 30 years, there are the same materials and technologies that are often used. For example, some of these are Ni-Hard, chrome-white iron, rubber, rubber-ceramics.

Hardskirts do wear unevenly, so they are difficult to adjust and the changeout procedures are challenging. This will often lead to the conveyed material getting trapped and eventually it will cause accelerated belt wear and deterioration.

Kinder Australia introduces K-Speedskirt®, ceramic and composite hardskirts with differentiated wear and impact resistance on the face and edges (bevels). High-tech materials and assembly techniques ensure best durability, flow performance and belt safety. The edges (bevels) have a very low wear rate, so the most important part of the hard skirt is able to retain its profile longer, which in-turn yields the following benefits.

Key benefits:

• Less spillage and elimination of premature skirting wear.
• Up to 8 times longer hardskirt durability.
• Dramatically reduced belt cover wear.

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