Product: K-Self Cleaning Conveyor Pulleys

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Spiral or Wing conveyor pulleys are designed to be used in applications where material build-up occurs on the pulley face causing mistracking and belt damage. Fugitive material is ejected to either side of the pulley via the centre tapered cone.

K-Spiral Pulleys are designed to be used for dry and free-flowing materials. The rotation of the pulley engages the self cleaning action therefore releasing foreign material through and on to the inner tapered cone then to the outside of the conveyor.

K-Wing Pulleys are designed to be used in adverse, very abrasive and dirty applications, especially where there is material build-up on a solid conveyor pulley shell. Wing style pulleys can be used for large lump, sharp and K-Self Cleaning Conveyor Pulleys sticky materials. This type of pulley is sensitive to high load and high belt speed. Consultation with one of our sales engineering team is recommended to determine a suitable design.

Both types of K-Self Cleaning Conveyor Pulleys are available in all belt widths and diameters with the option of stainless steel construction.

Key Benefits
• Discharges material
• Prevents belt damage
• Self-cleaning
• Helps belt tracking
• Option of stainless steel

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