Product: K-Retractable Impact Idler Frames

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Kinder Australia’s K-Retractable Impact Idler Frames allow conveyor rollers to be changed under conveyor belt transfer loading chutes without the idler frames being laid down or removed.  The bottom bracket remains aligned whilst the upper bracket of the base is retracted exiting from the side. The range covers all conveyor belt widths and trough angles, in-line or offset configurations.


a) achieve efficient operation and maximum life from rollers and equipment, it is important that the operating conditions be as clean as possible. Any spillage’s which occur should be cleaned up regularly and not allowed to build up on decking plates or walkway or at any other point where it may obstruct operations.

b) is important to ensure that any conveyor rollers or pulleys that require repair or replacement should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of belt damage.

c) sure belt heights of trough rollers are level on horizontal runs or are correctly set to respective heights on vertical curves. Rollers with incorrect respective heights may lead to damaged belt or roller and belt.

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