Product: K-OTR Sidewall Protector

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Kinder’s K-OTR Sidewall Protector is “insurance” for your expensive tyres.

The K-OTR Sidewall Protector system is designed to be a sacrificial part that will take the abuse, saving your expensive OTR tyres. A simple investment can save you a significant amount of dollars and downtime.

Made from durable Kryptane® polyurethane, Each protector panel is manufactured with extreme cut and tear resistant formulation. It is ideally suited for the harsh environments in which the panels are used. The material also has the ability to change shape under heavy load pressure, then return to its original shape once the load is removed.

It happens – An operator doesn’t notice a large rock or comes too close to a wall or outcropping, and the tyre becomes damaged. With the K-OTR Sidewall Protector’s modular design, you only replace the damaged panel, not the tyre.

Sizes currently available:
• 29.5R25
• 35/65R33
• 45/65R45
• 875/65R29
• More in development

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