Product: K-LoadUFlex Conveyor Loading Chutes

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Kinder’s K-LoadUFlex Conveyor Loading Chutes reduce dust pollution and wastage, which improves overall site performance, safety and environmental impacts. Their sturdy structure and dynamic design ensure they are highly functional and reliable outloading units.

The effective suppression of dust emissions at materials handling sites protects the health and safety of workers, improves the effective operation of plant, minimises environmental risks and helps maximise productivity.

K-LoadUFlex Conveyor Loading Chutes are designed for dust-free out loading of dry bulk materials e.g grain, sugar, flour and similar products with moderate dust and wear characteristics.

K-LoadUFlex Conveyor Loading Chutes Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty performance, long-term durability and high capacities.
  • KC Series – Capacity up to approx. 250 m3/h
  • KS Series – Capacity from 250 – 700 m3/h

ATEX Approval

In applications where the products have a latent risk of creating a dust explosion, e.g. grain and sugar. It is therefore necessary that the modules are anti-static, and this is achieved by adding anti-static strips.  These strips are connected to the in-sewn metal rings, thereby ensuring that no spark can occur due to the built-up of static electricity.

Inlets – Type C

The inlet for type C + S is a standard inlet. The aspiration orifice is 150 mm in diameter, and variable inlet diameters are available, depending on the capacity required.  Automatic closing function for negative pressure and false air valves are available as accessories for type S inlets.

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