Product: K-Jaw Belt Clamps

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The key benefits of the K-Jaw Belt Clamps are:

  • Pull rating of 1360kgs (3000lbs)
  • Easy to use
  • Conveyor belt does not have to be flat to install
  • Light weight
  • Cast steel for strength
  • Can be pulled across top rollers
  • Very economical because they fit all belt widths
  • Fits belt with thicknesses up to approx 15mm (5/8”)
  • Cost less than other belt clamps


  1.  Always ensure the conveyor is correctly isolated and verified before using the belt jack.
  2. Ensure the operating instructions are read and understood prior to commencing any work.
  3. Hand protections should always been worn and take note of the pinch points on the unit.
  4. Inspect and report any possible damage to the belt jack prior, during or after operation.

Kinder can provide on-site Conveyor Safety and Maintenance Training; a practical workshop focusing on techniques to minimise maintenance shutdowns.

Measure twice, build once: Kinder’s mechanical engineering improves productivity.

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