Product: K-Cleanguard Belt Pre-Cleaner

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When the conveyed ore is so sticky that it doesn’t fly off at the discharge pulley, normal scraper systems struggle to remove it from the belt.  This usually means that the whole conveyor belt system gets clogged with carryback, and ends up with an unscheduled stop for cleaning. In partnership with Tecnipak, K-Cleanguard pre-cleaner has been designed to cut through the thick layer of ore, releasing the bulk of the material from the belt, and allowing it to continue its journey through the chute.

The cleaning edge is composed of several blades placed next to each other, each of which have a beveled attack edge made from solid tungsten carbide blocks and a ceramic layer that protects the frame of the K-Cleanguard pre-cleaner from wear.

  • Specialty cleaner. Designed to improve cleaning when the bulk of the conveyed ore doesn’t fly off the discharge pulley, the K-Cleanguard pre-cleaner cuts through the bulk and allows for the primary cleaner to perform in normal conditions. Highly favored in leaching operations where the ore is particularly cohesive and sticky.
  • Tough. The frame is made from a three-, four-, or five-inch stainless steel square profile with thicknesses from 1/4“ to 3/8”.
  • Pneumatic springs safety mechanism. The K-Cleanguard pre-cleaner works millimetres away from the discharge pulley and has pneumatic springs that allow it to yield so that any elements that get trapped between the belt and the K-Cleanguard pre-cleaner are expelled.
  • Remote adjustment. The adjustment controls can be installed in a safe place, away from the hazard zone, which allows the K-Cleanguard pre-cleaner to be adjusted while the belt is running.
  • All-around reliability. Every part has been designed and developed to perform with minimal maintenance and a wide tolerance to changes in the working conditions.

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