Product: K-Centring Trough Rollers

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K-Centring Trough Rollers are used to centralise bulk material load on conveyor belts. The centring of the material load as it exits from the transfer point is important to contain spillage and maintain correct belt alignment.

Changing flow rates and moisture content can affect the flow of the material as it is loaded on to the moving conveyor belt. Sometimes load centring can not be achieved by using the conventional methods such as flow deflectors or movable gates.

K-Centring Trough Rollers can correct this condition by safely vibrating the troughed belt and shifting the material load evenly over the centre of the conveyor belt. Using the existing standard troughed idler set the outer wing rollers are replaced with the K-Centring Trough Rollers. Depending upon the application the vibration may need to be directed to between two and four idler sets.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Standard design for fast delivery.
  • Heavy duty sealed bearings.
  • Interchangeable with existing rollers.
  • Wear resistant polyurethane discs.
  • Will not damage the belt.

For advice on how to correct the problem of conveyor belt mistracking (misalignment), refer to our technical section on “Productivity”. CLICK HERE.

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