Product: Tungsten Carbide Blades – ‘H’ Series Spring Tensioner

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The function of the Automatic Spring Tensioner is to apply continuous pre-load to ‘H’ Series Primary Cleaners.  While the Automatic Spring Tensioner System can be used on all ‘H’ Series cleaners, its primary advantage is where MonoArm (Polyurethane) tips are installed. The higher wear rate of Polyurethane compared to Tungsten Carbide means that more frequent adjustment is required.

The ‘H’ Series Spring Tensioner is designed to provide automatic adjustment to belt cleaners that are fitted with MonoArm tips.  While individual tips accommodate inconsistent belt thickness via the mounting cushions, the spring tensioner provides adjustment to the full cleaner.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintains cleaner tip to belt contact pressure for the life of the tip, eliminating the need for cleaner servicing other than for tip replacement.
  • A significant reduction to the cleaner’s cost of ownership.
  • Minimises impact on cleaner tips from mechanical belt fasteners and allows the cleaner to spring back to the correct tension immediately the fastener has passed.
  • Easily installed and requires no day-to-day maintenance.
  • Can be installed onto existing cleaners without modification.


  • For automatic tensioning of all H Series belt cleaners.
  • Is designed for use on single direction or reversing conveyors.

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