Product: Gravity Feed Applications – Magnets Outside Product Stream

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These gravity feed application plate magnets for outside the product stream are designed to capture ferrous metal in conveyed or gravity flow applications to improve product purity and protect processing equipment from damage.  They are available in Ceramic or Rare Earth and EZ-Clean or Self-Clean designs to fit your strength & maintenance demands.

  • Plate Magnets

    Installed above the product flow, these powerful plate magnets have incredible reach-out.  They efficiently attract and capture ferrous metal as it passes underneath.  Styles have design features to keep captured metal from washing off in the product stream.

  • Hump Magnets

    These are ideal for high volume gravity flow applications. Two powerful spout style magnets reach in and capture ferrous metal before returning the product flow. Hump Magnets can be engineered with chutes to fit directly into your processing lines. Customer specified inlet and outlet requirements can be accommodated using custom designed housings, transitions (round or rectangular), flanges and more.

  • Extractors and Split Flows

    These cleaning options feature spout faced stripper pans that swing out of the product flow and away from the magnet.  The EZ-Clean unit is operated manually by unclamping the magnet and pulling the assembly into the open position. The Self-Cleaning model operates on the same principle.  The difference is that it uses either pneumatic cylinders or electric actuators to open and close the plate magnet.

  • Drum Separators and Separation Pulleys

These separators provide continuous ferrous metal removal from dry, free-flowing processing systems and self-cleans in the process.

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