Product: Gravity Feed Application – Magnets Inside Product Stream

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Drawer-In-Housings are magnet inside the product stream designed for ferrous metal separation in dry, free flowing product streams.  Separation is achieved with magnetic tubes assembled in a drawer.  A resulting cascade effect ensures maximum tramp metal separation by causing product to have repeated and intimate contact with the magnetic tubes. Requires simple maintenance to clean the tubes regularly to prevent build-up and wash-off of collected metal.

  • Drawer-In-Housing (DIH)
  • The Ox® Drawer-In-Housing
  • Large Tube Housing™ (LTH)
  • The RotoDrawer™ Drawer-In-Housing
Housing options include:

Protective Coatings; Finishes; Multiple Drawer Units; Custom Transitions; Engineered Housings for Special Applications; and Sealed Cleaning Zones for On-The-Fly Operation.

Magnetic Grate Tubes and Grate Assemblies are Ideal for custom installations that require magnetic separation, but lack space for a housing or grate assembly. Tapped mounting holes in each end of the tube allow for easy bolt-in installation. Customers can arrange these tubes in a configuration that works best for their needs. Constructed from stainless steel and are standard in our Customary Grade finish. Food Grade & Sanitary Grade finishes also available.

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