Product: Autonomous Pneumatic Control Unit

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The autonomous pneumatic control unit is an accessory developed with Tecnipak for the remote control and adjustment of belt scrapers with pneumatic tensioners. This system allows the operator to:

  • Monitor & adjust working pressure, or remotely engage and disengage up to four belt scrapers.
  • Automatically engage and disengage scrapers through an optional load sensor (intended to disengage scrapers on long, unloaded running intervals).
  • Receive alerts about changes in key operating variables, to prevent emergencies.
  • Keep record of the operating variables.
  • Decrease the amount of time used maintaining optimal working pressure.
  • Quickly assess the condition of a scraper.


  • Up to 4 independent pneumatic circuits.
  • Adjust the equipment on site by means of the keypad or remotely through the Telepak online platform (available separately).
  • Belt load sensor to engage/disenagage scrapers automatically (available separately)
  • Minimise interventions in the field for greater safety.

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