Kinder & Co was in the extractive industry news this week, with a published “Letter to the Editor” in the June issue of Quarry Magazine (CLICK HERE to read the editorial in full).

In the article, Neil Kinder reminds the industry that lightweight bulk materials handling equipment alternatives have been on the market for the last 15 to 20 years. However unfortunately management decision making sometimes overlooks the benefits of OHS compliant products and instead focus’s too much on the procurement balance sheet. To quote the alarming statistics from the original report “indirect costs associated with lower back pain [are estimated] to be $8.15 billion due to loss of earnings and productivity, with small and medium employers said to be paying higher rehabilitation costs.”

As Neil concludes in his letter to the editor of Quarry Magazine, “where other industries are embracing high performance polymers and composite materials, for some reason the quarrying and extractive industry needs to change its conservative mindset and start to understand that modern equipment is not just for the “top end” of town, but instead the independent quarry owners are the ones who would really have the most to gain from the new technology attributes.”

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