Thermal imaging cameras offer a distinct advantage to maintenance planning crews due to the equipment’s ability to monitor entire areas of the conveyor system whilst moving with any loaded application.  A reading can be taken of the temperature of the bearings that are within the rollers not just the temperature at the roller surface, enabling the maintenance team to take preventive action prior to any breakdown.

Reaction time is a critical aspect of the prevention strategy because it will not only amount to high expenses resulting from energy and stock loss, but can also have safety and environmental implications.

Kinder & Co’s Sales Engineers utilise thermal imaging equipment at site inspections so that they can determine the projected life of conveying equipment as heat spots indicate any potential trouble-spots.  Maintenance work is then scheduled and coordinated with the delivery of all necessary replacement parts that have been ordered in advance.  This avoids a situation where plants have to shutdown unexpectedly due to unforseen breakdowns.

Where practically possible, our sales engineers provide this service to plants as part of our routine visits to customer sites, walking the conveyors and assessing the findings against technical considerations that include belt speed, belt width, drop heights and loading weight as well as production volumes and environmental factors.

During these routine conveyor inspections our customers use the K-Maintenance Idler Tag to efficiently report on conveyor items that require maintenance attention.

If you would like to make an appointment for a sales engineer to visit your site and walk your conveyor using the thermal imaging equipment, or you would like a sample of a K-Maintenance Tag please call 03 9587 9244, or email [email protected]

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