Paramount Workforce is an Australian Disability Enterprise, providing high-quality workforce opportunities for mentally and physically impaired Australians.  With 3 premises in South-East Melbourne, Paramount has been offering a variety of workforce options since 1992.  It’s been almost 12 months now since Paramount partnered with Kinder & Co to provide assembly services for the belt conveyor safety product K-Protector Return Idler Guard.

“Our staff feel very proud to be contributing to such an iconic industry in the Australian economy.  Typically people with mental disabilities can find it very challenging to be accepted into society but this assembly project for Kinder & Co helps to build their self-esteem.  They take a lot of pride in their workmanship” said David Swalwell, Assistant Manager at their Dandenong warehouse.

Christine Kinder added “Working with Paramount has been an excellent experience; they provide extremely reliable and expert assembly services.  All the work is supervised by highly experienced and skilled tool operators and knowing that real people are benefitting from the work in more than just financial terms matches our own values of corporate citizenship.  Its a win-win.”

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